As Twitchy reported, Sarah Palin gave everyone a reminder of how the “Trig truthers” at The Atlantic treated her when she was John McCain’s running mate. It was also an Atlantic writer who (surprise!) opened Joe Biden’s press conference Friday by asking him about the magazine’s exposé on President Trump’s disdain for the troops and about Trump’s soul.

It was also an Atlantic writer who called Trump’s speech in Tulsa “explicitly white supremacist,” and The Atlantic has also warned us that if Trump wins reelection in November, the rioting in Portland will look like a “preliminary skirmish.” What’s funny is back in March, an Atlantic contributor asked Biden to “stay alive,” as Democrats needed nothing from him but to remain a corporeal presence because it seemed “as if Biden exists primarily as an idea, rather than an actual candidate.”

Brit Hume noted Saturday that The Atlantic has announced the speakers for its virtual Atlantic Festival, and it looks like a meeting of the American left.

Hillary Clinton will be headlining, obviously, but also speaking will be Georgia Gov. Stacey Abrams, alleged comedian Samantha Bee, actor Chris Evans, who’s stated his desire to get into liberal politics now that his “Avengers” run is over, and Billy Porter, who did that comical video of “For What It’s Worth” to close out the first night of the Democratic National Convention.