We all know now how Donald Trump is a racist. I mean, it is just so obvious to those who are deeply intent on branding him a racist. We hear about it constantly, but one thing we rarely hear about is precisely how he is racist.

Sure, the accusations are plentiful, but they hardly stand up to the analysis. The current batch of charges concerns white supremacy, an extension of the  attempt to place words of support in Trump’s mouth back during the Charlottesville episode. With Black Lives Matter now a resurgent movement Trump is being blamed for the police violence involving George Floyd — which took place in the Democrat nirvana that is Minneapolis Minnesota, but as we know, EVERYTHING is Trump’s fault.

And so it is that on Saturday the president spoke in Tulsa to kick off his campaign for reelection. Those who saw might be surprised to learn, this was more than a racist speech.

Yes, it is almost the same level of shocking to learn that the one accusing Trump of white supremacy has a book out about, you guessed it, white supremacy in America.

Maybe it was that 20 minute long segment where he detailed all of the benefits our POC citizens have experienced as a result of his administration.

Great point. The left always adored Trump, then the moment he won an election he became a lifelong racist after seven decades.

Well, you would naturally expect that someone who is a described expert on white supremacy and sees the explicitly obvious racism in Trump’s Tulsa speech would have evidence to support his claim.

Ummmmm…not really. No, he offers nothing concrete, and in fact when trolling through Robert’s timeline timeline the closest he offers to explicit evidence in this–

Clearly Jones here fell into the same trap in which Aaron Rupar at Vox became ensnared. The President in the speech referenced our Founders, and Christopher Columbus, who are all considered pillars of our history. But in minds like Robert Jones they ONLY represent white supremacy.

And there is the convenience of it all — when everything is considered racist then you do not need to offer proof. It is all just obviously so.

Oh, they do…they do.



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