Obviously Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” is referring to 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who did indeed drive into a neighboring state to do what he could to protect Kenosha, Wisconsin businesses from looting and arson.

However, maybe he missed the Republican National Convention and Ann Dorn, who told the country about her husband David Dorn, a retired police chief who also drove into a city with a gun to help protect a friend’s pawn shop from looting. Noah thinks that Dorn obviously “was hoping to shoot someone,” but he ended up shot and killed, with his last moments on earth streamed over the internet as he bled out on the sidewalk.

That’s so wrong it’s deeply offensive. We wonder what Noah has to say about all of those armed black men guarding black-owned businesses during the George Floyd riots in Minneapolis. Were they just hoping to shoot someone, or were they trying to protect their livelihoods from rioters?

There are plenty of out-of-towners at these Black Lives Matter protests, and a lot of them sure seem to be looking for trouble. Are they doing it for black lives, or because they get a thrill out of rioting?