As Twitchy reported back in June, a retired small-town police chief named David Dorn was shot and killed in St. Louis while trying to protect a friend’s pawn shop from looters who were using the death of George Floyd as an excuse to break into businesses. He was left to die on the sidewalk, with his death live-streamed on the internet.

His widow, Ann, relayed his story Thursday night during the Republican National Convention, and we don’t know if there’ll be another speech as moving.

As we’ve been mentioning all week, Democrats and Never Trumpers have to find fault with every speaker, now matter the content of their speech, and they were quick to point out that Dorn’s daughters didn’t want his widow to speak at the RNC.

So his widow has no agency? Only his daughters? Why are these people trying to tell Ann Dorn if she can or cannot speak? The same ones who’ve ignored her husband’s pointless death while pledging allegiance to Black Lives Matter.