We’re going to take a bit of a circuitous route here, but stick with us. In Tuesday night’s news, Joe Biden announced he’s attending George Floyd’s funeral, and Elizabeth Warren showed up with her husband and dog to walk among the protesters in D.C.

Here’s Politico’s Tim Alberta:

It’s “an easy way to show solidarity.” With what … burning police cars? We can say George Floyd’s death was wrong but also see with our own eyes that not everyone is “protesting” in good faith.

Everyone knows George Floyd’s name, but do they know even more people are dead over this? A Federal Protective Service officer was shot and killed Friday night in Oakland. It was a big story; maybe you heard about it on TV.

A police officer was shot in Las Vegas:

He’s on life support, last we heard.

And in St. Louis, there’s the heartbreaking story of a 77-year-old small-town police chief who was shot and killed by looters.

Earlier we showed you some video of an Antifa snowflake with a cut on his leg that was posted with a “Trigger Warning.” Here’s video of David Dorn dead on the sidewalk, and it is disturbing:

Will Joe Biden be attending Dorn’s funeral? Have his campaign staffers even told him about it?