Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hair appointment at a salon shuttered because of San Francisco’s coronavirus lockdown has become big news, mostly because of the way Pelosi has reacted. Yes, she told reporters that she took responsibility … for falling for a setup. She also said the salon owner owed her an apology, and her daughter Christine posted a lengthy statement from a law firm. That’s really blowing things out of proportion for a shampoo and blowout.

Pelosi has received some cover from members of the mainstream media who have claimed there are bigger things to report on, but former Hillary Clinton campaign national press secretary Brian Fallon went in an all-new but predictable direction: He’s claiming Pelosi is suffering from a double-standard for female politicians, who have to look good on TV.

Much like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot justified breaking the COVID-19 lockdown to get a haircut because she’s “the face of the city,” Fallon’s willing to give Pelosi the benefit of the doubt because she’s “on camera every day.” We wish she weren’t, but what are you going to do?

It was an attempt.