Perhaps you remember Melania Trump’s hallway of red Christmas trees from 2018; if not, just check the archives of the Washington Post, which published at a minimum four stories about them, and about how Trump’s “nightmare forest” would be considered bad luck in Europe, where red trees are a no-no.

Now the first lady has overseen a renovation of the Rose Garden, which hasn’t been altered for about 60 years. History writer Jennifer Wright compares the colorful, happy Obama garden with Trump’s, which is “entirely devoid of color or joy.”

Alexa, what are seasons?

According to C-SPAN, the crabapple — not cherry — trees were moved to another part of the White House lawn.

Tentacle-porn enthusiast Kurt Eichenwald said the renovation was “the first time I have been furious that @FLOUTS is a foreigner.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The woman who scaled back school lunches to next to nothing did hold a photo op with some kids really, really enjoying their turnips that she famously rocked out to in a “Turnip for What” Vine video:

Michelle Obama with turnip

Here’s a take:

But seriously folks …

Here’s the correct take: