We asked the other day which would get more coverage in the pages of the Washington Post: first lady Melania Trump’s remarks at a town hall on the opioid epidemic or those red Christmas trees which decorate one hallway in the White House?

It’s pretty clear.

The first piece we saw, under Reliable Sources, was “All the nightmares inspired by the White House’s blood-red Christmas trees,” by Avi Selk.

Then, under Opinions, came “You are in Melania Trump’s nightmare forest. Keep to the path.”

That same day, from columnist Monica Hesse we read about the trees and how they look like props from “The Babadook.”

Enough, right? Hell no! Now it’s Thursday and we’re being treated to a piece pointing out European beliefs associated with red Christmas trees. No, seriously:

Outside the U.S., the color red has been associated with sick Christmas trees — thank you so much, brave firefighters, for keeping our democracy from dying in darkness.