Joe Biden isn’t very forthcoming with press conferences, but he’s always happy to do an interview with a friendly source, which could include just about anybody in mainstream media. Cardi B, the rapper who had talked politics with Bernie Sanders at a nail salon, sat down and had a virtual chat with Biden, and the topic of children and grandchildren came up.

As the Washington Examiner pointed out, Jill Biden, during a virtual town hall in April, said that she and her husband have six grandchildren. That was just a week after Joe Biden had told Jimmy Fallon he had five grandchildren — he apparently forgot about the one born in March. And he’s also continuing to omit the grandchild son Hunter Biden fathered with an Arkansas woman and fought with in court over child support after refusing to take a paternity test.

The Fallon appearance was back in April, and now it’s August, and Biden told Cardi B that he has five grandchildren.

But seriously: Obviously he doesn’t want to talk about it, but we’ve never heard any acknowledgment whatsoever of the child Hunter Biden had with that Arkansas woman, other than telling a reporter he was “classy” for asking about it. Team Trump is counting the child, though.

It is pretty low, and Jill does it too. If it might hurt the campaign, just ignore it. It’s just your son’s baby.


Can we just get to the debates and have some serious questions asked about policy?