Are we the only ones nostalgic for the days of his 2016 presidential campaign when Bernie Sanders was hanging out with rapper Killer Mike? We haven’t seen him around, and it looks like Bernie Sanders has found a new muse: rapper Cardi B. The two bonded back in April when Cardi B revealed her mutual love for Social Security:

We’re going to skip past all the dirt on Cardi B, who tweeted that she’d “dog walk” Tomi Lahren if she didn’t leave her alone, and get right to the important business at hand, which is Sanders and Cardi B hanging out at a nail salon and talking politics.

Socialism? You’re soaking in it! (Anyone else old enough to get that reference?)

Before we get into the comments, we’d like to repost this video of Cardi B breaking down her monthly earnings and complaining that after taxes, she has to make a million dollars just to take home $500,000 and her monthly bills are $300,000. What’s a girl to do?

She was ticked when she calculated the government was taking 45 percent — good luck with that under President Sanders. Actually, she’ll probably be in his cabinet and the tax laws won’t affect her.

There’s nothing wrong with wondering.

We’re convinced. Forget all those economics classes.

And the winner of the caption contest is …


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