You might have forgotten, but it is written in the annals of history: we’re talking about the time Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and rapper Cardi B teamed up against Tomi Lahren, with Cardi B saying she would “dog walk” Lahren if she didn’t leave her alone. Of course, born-and-bred Bronx girl and rap aficionado Ocasio-Cortez had to get involved.

Yes, this is the woman who was offering Democrats lessons on how to tweet:

Now we know Cardi B and Ocasio-Cortez are both fellow Bronx women, but Ocasio-Cortez might want to have a talk with Cardi B … she keeps posting videos complaining about how much she pays in taxes. Last March she was appalled to learn she was paying 40 percent of her income in taxes, and now she’s claiming the IRS takes 45 percent of her earnings.

Even if you know nothing about rap and don’t care to know, listen to this video: Cardi B’s sounding an awful lot like a Republican:

Sure, she has around $300,000 in monthly bills to keep up her appearance for the fans and all that, but what does that leave her? She needs to make a million dollars just to keep around $500,000 — you do the math.

Yes, let Ocasio-Cortez explain to her Bronx sister why she’s actually not paying nearly enough.

“Freeloaders” like her won’t be able to get away with hoarding all the money anymore.


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