This claim has already been made by Rep. Adam Schiff, so you know it’s a lie. At least Schiff didn’t just repeat one line over and over again as if that made the lie any more true, though he did go ALL-CAPS. It was back in 2018 when a project lead at Twitter said that “election integrity” was Twitter’s No. 1 priority, and this January, Twitter rolled out a new feature that would allow users to report others for tweeting “misleading info about a political election.” Not only that: In February, Twitter said it was experimenting with a new feature that would flag “harmfully misleading” content with bright banners.

So what is Twitter going to do about the DNC War Room’s spokesperson trying to sell us the lie that mail-in voting is the same thing as absentee voting?

We’ve been over this before, again and again.

And if you dare touch the voter rolls — even to purge them of the deceased — the Democrats will scream voter suppression (see, e.g., Stacy Abrams).

The Democrats keep setting up reasons for themselves to contest the election if they lose.