As Twitchy reported earlier Monday, Andy Ngo had posted with disgust “a glowing photo essay on #antifa riot fashion” courtesy of the Washington Post. Portland protesters were brought into the pro photography studio to have glossy glamor shots done of themselves dressed in their very best bicycle helmets, goggles, kerchiefs, and respirators and posing with the leaf blowers they use to send tear gas back at the feds.

What we didn’t know from Ngo’s tweet is that the love letter to the Portland protesters extended beyond the photo essay into a full-blown piece about how awesome Portland is at protesting. Keep in mind that Politico Magazine, certainly no right-wing outlet, had done a piece in 2017 on “how liberal Portland became America’s most politically violent city.” This is the city where organizers canceled the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade because of threats of rioting. At the Avenue of Roses Parade.

But the Washington Post has the score at Trump 0, Antifa 1:

Writer Marissa J. Lang even got a quote from City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty:

“Portland thinks it’s pretty progressive, but it’s pretty easy to think you’re progressive when you’re a mostly White community,” said City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty (D), who in 2018 became the first Black woman elected to the city council. “But if you’re Black in Portland, the experience is so radically different.”

If the name rings a bell, Hardesty is the city commissioner who claimed that it was the Portland Police Department that was “sending saboteurs and provocateurs into peaceful crowds.”

For weeks, demonstrators directed their anger at the federal courthouse, where they broke windows and tagged the building with bright paint. The vandalism drew the attention of Trump, who sent in federal agents.

But he didn’t account for the stamina and creativity of Portland protesters.

They broke windows so they could better aim fireworks inside the building and hopefully set it on fire, but even that still gets them tagged as demonstrators by WaPo and not rioters.

So it wasn’t just a glamorous photoshoot of the latest in riot fashion — it was a whole love letter to Portland and its protesters. No mention of the protesters dragging burning dumpsters into the street to set up blockades and trying to break into the east precinct or at least set it on fire.