As Twitchy reported, it was last October when Florida’s state Senate voted 25-15 to remove Sheriff Scott Israel from office, after Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended him just days after his inauguration. That hasn’t stopped Israel, whose deputies hid behind their cars while officers from Coral Springs entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in an attempt to assist survivors of the mass shooting.

Israel, who lied through omission about the whole incident during a too-hastily assembled town hall/show trial on CNN, is running for sheriff again, and he’s received the endorsement of the Sun-Sentinel editorial board.

Now we’re learning that Israel has picked up another endorsement: that of the School Safety Advocacy Council.

His SRO (school resource officer) hid in a outdoor stairwell while the mass shooting was taking place.

We honestly can believe the guy didn’t resign in disgrace and go into hiding, but no, he’s been bolder than ever.

We ask it every time we do a post on Israel … when is CNN going to host that follow-up town hall knowing all that we know now?