New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio sure does like his Black Lives Matter murals and has personally participated in painting two of the three in the city, including the one of Fifth Avenue right in front of Trump Tower. As Twitchy reported Monday, though, the New York Post did some digging and found out that “city officials ignored their own application process for public art projects to paint Black Lives Matter murals around the five boroughs.” In other words, they didn’t have a city permit to paint the murals in the first place.

The Post also reports that de Blasio addressed the issue of other groups, like Women for America First and Blue Lives Matter, being referred to the Department of Transportation’s permitting process, while there was no approval required for the BLM movement. Why? Because Black Lives Matter “is something that again transcends all normal realities because we are at a moment of history when that had to be said and done, that’s a decision I made.”

The Post also reports that “de Blasio has said the BLM protest movement ‘transcends any notion of politics’ even though he painted the most prominent BLM mural directly in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.”

So, Black Lives Matter transcends all normal realities? Sounds legit — this reality we’re living in now certainly isn’t normal.

Those arrests (yes, arrests) were in D.C., but point well taken.

Yeah, it’s not really breaking news, is it?

As Twitchy reported, the mayor had street crews out “repairing” the Fifth Avenue mural hours after someone splashed paint on it, tweeting, “Nice try.” Vandalize one of the mayor’s murals painted without a permit and he’ll immediately send city workers out to repaint it on the taxpayer’s dime.