This whole leftist fantasy of President Trump not leaving office if he loses in 2020 is not new; Democrats have for years entertained their dream of the military forcibly removing Trump from the Oval Office. It was last summer when Rick Wilson’s chuckle-buddy and New York Times writer Wajahat Ali tweeted that he’ll “gladly eat crow” if Trump leaves voluntarily. (That a good tweet to keep in your bookmarks.)

And CNN’s already been down this road a couple of times, most recently in February when they ran a piece about what would happen if Trump refused to leave office now that he’s “the commander in chief of the most powerful military on Earth.”

Sadly, CBS News wants in on this action.

As CNN did, CBS News put the question to a constitutional scholar so they could disguise it as a legitimate news story. Tammy Bruce, among many others, has had enough of the speculation.

Here’s what it looks like when you can’t accept defeat.

People actually did get together and scream at the sky on the first anniversary of Trump’s election.

You mean the people who rioted after the election and torched a Muslim immigrant’s limo at Trump’s inauguration are still out there? We’d heard some rumblings of them still being active in Portland and fighting Trump’s “secret police.”

That could never happen.

Yep … make sure to plant the seed now so the already-unhinged are in total meltdown in November and refuse to accept a Trump victory.

Hey CBS News, if you want to know what happens when President Trump wins reelection, just embed some reporters in Portland and then amp it up and spread it to Democratic cities across the nation. Do some more pieces on that.