Whenever we post video we try to track down when and where it was shot, but all we know about this one is that 1) he’s not wearing a mask and she’s wearing a coat, so it can’t be too recent, probably February or so, and 2) it’s making the rounds Wednesday. We don’t often get to see Joe Biden out in the wild — he’s usually in his basement or behind a podium, although we did see him blow off questions from reporters during a visit to his childhood home in Scranton, as he also did a week ago at a campaign stop in Delaware. “I look forward to having your questions at another time but I’m off to another event,” he explained.

From the footage we saw from Scranton, Biden certainly was able to zoom in on a couple of kids in the “crowd” and ask about their ages, but this video has sort of a “Scent of a Woman” vibe, doesn’t it?

When people talk about Biden’s handlers, they literally mean his handlers.

James Woods has questions:


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