As Twitchy mentioned the other day, CNN media hall monitor Brian Stelter asked in his newsletter if President Trump was avoiding the press. “Why hasn’t he answered questions for two weeks amid a pandemic?” asked CBS News’ Paula Reid.

We wouldn’t say Joe Biden’s been avoiding the press; as is his right, he’s picking and choosing to whom he grants interviews and deciding whether or not he’ll answer questions from the press assigned to follow him around. On Thursday he paid a visit to his old house in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Politico’s Holly Otterbein was there.

Whoa, guys, one at a time!

Hard-hitting stuff. Fox News’ Madeleine Rivera tweeted that Biden was met with a crowd of supporters; here’s another angle to give you a sense of scope:

To talk to a toddler. We thought the kissing babies thing was just an old saying, but what is it about Biden that makes him so distracted by little kids? We guess it’s cute, but he doesn’t have time for a question from the press because he’s conversing with a 3-year-old?

For most of the crowd being press, they were awfully quiet:

We really need Jim Acosta to follow Biden around and do his act then.