We saw this item in Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter last night on President Trump and the media:

Trump avoiding the WH press corps?

Noting Trump’s recent lack of interactions with the WH press corps, Paula Reid of CBS asked Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday, “Why hasn’t he answered questions for two weeks amid a pandemic?” McEnany sidestepped the Q.

Later in the afternoon, Reid noted on Twitter, “Trump continued to ignore questions from reporters” during an event with Mexico’s president. Reid tried to ask: “Mr. President, Dr. Birx says we don’t know how Covid impacts children. How can you say it’s safe to send them back to school?”

You can watch the exchange here:

These people really are unbelievable. First they refuse to air the president when he does speak to the press and now they’re pissed when he doesn’t give them access? For example:

And other blue-checks don’t even want the president to answer question sin the first place:

He can’t win with them.