Politico is reporting on Tuesday that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice has vaulted to the top of the heap of possible running mates for Joe Biden.

Nahal Toosi writes:

The Biden campaign won’t comment on his potential running mates. But after word leaked that Rice is being vetted, buzz about the possibility has grown, spawning columns with titles like “The Case for Susan Rice.”

The chatter is loud enough that allies of others being eyed for the vice presidency are increasingly worried about Rice, especially because of her close ties to Biden, who, as Obama’s No. 2, had an office just steps away from hers.

Plus, records say they were together at that January 2017 Oval Office meeting where the idea of charging Michael Flynn with the Logan Act was floated. So, yes, they do have a history together.

Michael Doran says his money’s on Rice if the idea is to get the band back together for a third Obama term.

But there’s just so much opposition material against Rice … not that any of it would matter to Democrats who’re voting for Biden even if it’s like eating half a bowl of s**t.

Not to be impatient, but the clock’s ticking, guys.

That’s a good call, actually.

Benghazi, unmasking … none of it will matter to the Democrats.


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