We called it Saturday when #PortlandKidnappings was trending; if something else didn’t pop up over the weekend, Monday’s news cycle would be all about President Trump’s “stormtroopers,” as Speaker Nancy Pelosi called them, wearing “unmarked” uniforms and pulling “protesters” off the streets and stuffing them into rented minivans.

The Hill reports Monday that President Trump has said he might send more federal law enforcement to New York, Chicago, Oakland, and other cities to deal with “unrest.”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib says that Trump’s federal agents are going to have to go through her first before they lay a hand on any of her residents.

Ask Roger Stone, or the director of the YouTube video they blamed for inciting the Benghazi terrorist attack.

It’s funny that Tlaib has been sort of the quiet member of the squad lately. We’re glad she spoke up and made her intentions clear.


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