As Twitchy reported, Nick Cannon (or most likely his PR people) sent out an apology for his anti-Semitic remarks on his podcast with guest Richard Griffin, aka “Professor Griff” of rap group Public Enemy. As many pointed out, however, he may have apologized to the Jewish community, but he didn’t make any mention of whites in general — or “non-melanated” people — who he said were “a little less” and turned into evil savages by fleeing the sun and resettling in colder climates or something like that — it was difficult to wrap our minds around it.

ViacomCBS terminated its relationship with Cannon after the video clip went viral, but it looks like Fox is letting bygones be bygones and is keeping Cannon on as host of “The Masked Singer.”

Well, he sort of apologized for his comments.

We never watched it, but we did catch the clip of Sarah Palin singing “Baby Got Back,” so that was something.


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