Because we read Twitter comments all day, we continually see liberals popping in to remind us that President Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people” (he didn’t) and things like that. Most recently, we’re seeing a lot of commenters asking the media to ask Trump about that bounty that the Russians put on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan, according to the New York Times. That was quite the leak, but a career CIA officer made the call not to verbally brief the president about it; the intelligence report reached “low levels” but lacked sufficient reporting to corroborate any links. And by low levels, we mean Rep. Adam Schiff, who was apparently briefed in February but said or did nothing.

Geraldo Rivera thinks the whole story is bogus and has been keeping an eye on the New York Times, which “broke” the story.

That was Monday, and on Wednesday, he was still calling for an apology:

We’re not counting on an apology or a retraction or anything else. It’s amazing the paper admitted it had “no conclusive evidence.”


Most people in the comments are saying there was proof, which makes it odd that the New York Times would change course and admit it had no proof. If they’re trying to make this the next Ukraine phone call, it’s not working.


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