As Twitchy reported, the New York Times had yet another bombshell report that was certain to take down President Trump: Reportedly, he’d been aware that the Russians, through the Taliban, had placed a bounty on the heads of U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan and was apparently cool with it, being Putin’s puppet and all. Of course, Speaker Nancy Pelosi ran with it:

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, however, blew a bunch of holes in that story by releasing a statement confirming that neither the president nor vice president had been briefed on any such intelligence. CBS News’ Catherine Herridge cited an intelligence official saying the intelligence report reached “low levels” but lacked sufficient reporting to corroborate any links, let alone bring it to the president’s attention.

CBS News’ Mark Knoller reports that the story is still alive and congressional leaders will be briefed Thursday:

Now Herridge is reporting that National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien has told reporters that a “career intel officer” made the call not to brief the president, and he stands behind that call.

But then the Democrats would just accuse President Trump of trying to shut down whistleblowers.


We’ll see who runs to the cable news cameras tomorrow after the briefing; that should give us a good idea of how much trust to place in the Times’ original report.


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