After years of the now-debunked “Trump/Russia collusion” talking points, the New York Times helped Democrats come up with another angle to push: The Trump/Russia “bounties” bombshell — A story that DNI John Ratcliff called totally false. However, Nancy Pelosi already has a script to work off of no matter what else unfolds:

Trump tweeted about the allegations in the NYT story last night:

One thing is for sure: The facts from this point on won’t matter to Democrats seeking to score political points based on the Times’ story. But fortunately there are some in the media who care more about facts than helping one side or the other push a narrative.

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge’s follow-up to the story doesn’t make it sound like things happened the way Democrats and the media (pardon the redundancy) want everybody to believe:

Paging Nancy Pelosi!



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