As Twitchy reported, a week ago New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was touting a study by the Cuomo administration concluding that the governor’s order that nursing homes take in COVID-19 patients was not “a significant factor” in the state’s 6,200 nursing home deaths. It looks like the New York State Legislature would like to hear a little bit more about how the governor’s order affected nursing home deaths:

The subject hasn’t come up in interviews very often. ABC News declared Cuomo the COVID “Homecoming King” for his successful response to the pandemic in an interview that was more like a date, with Amy Robach bringing up things like Chelsea Handler’s “love letter” to Cuomo published in Vogue. However, Cuomo did address the nursing home issue Monday, saying that if you do the math, it all evens out.

We don’t even understand why the legislature is holding hearings with that solid logic.

Exactly. And remember how the USNS Comfort docked in New York to handle the overflow of hospital patients who didn’t have the coronavirus, as well as the field hospital set up in Central Park by the controversial Samaritan’s Purse? The whole idea was to keep COVID-positive patients in isolation — not send them back into the most vulnerable population.

The public hearings will probably make him an even bigger hero to the media.


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