Our thanks to the incomparable and super-woke Titania McGrath for compiling this running list of things that are racist. We’ve done what we can here to help Twitchy readers steer away from racist things such as butter, cereal mascots, “master bedrooms,” and The Masters golf tournament, but a lot of them slipped past us.

We hope you can read the headlines below if only to prove to yourself they’re real.

PETA wants you to “ditch dairy” because cow’s milk “has long been a symbol used by white supremacists” — just like that OK sign.

As long as we’re mentioning front lawns, don’t forget dog parks.

Real headline from the Independent: “What the white supremacist roots of biological sex reveal about transphobic feminism.”

Speaking of the countryside, don’t forget America’s national parks, which face an “existential crisis over race.”

“The Unintentional Racism Found in Traffic Signals.”

That’s all we have from McGrath so far, but if we hear of any additions, we’ll let you know.


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