At some point the madness regarding racism has to hit a wall. We may be approaching that moment, if this example has not brought us here.

Former member of British Parliament Fiona Onasanya is a bit miffed, it appears.  Maybe getting chased out of office for illegal actions has her feeling inconsequential, but we have to question is this is the way to go.

Fiona had written a tersely-worded email to the British headquarters of Kelloggs recently and she has not received a satisfactory response to her liking. Since this lack of proper notification still stands Fiona has taken to social media in the do-you-know-who-I-am fashion in order to go Full Karen over what she declares one of the most pressing issues of our time.

This is where we have arrived as a society; with cities across the globe melting down it is over trivial issues such as this that the emotions remain stoked. That is, for those select few who take this insipid line of thinking seriously. Hope still percolates for mankind as there have been plenty willing to call out the idiocy of this kind of outrage.

And it seems to derive from Fiona’s own account. ”Three white boys” — really?!

Oh hell, do not give them any more ideas.

You just KNEW it would lead to ”Tiger King”.

There is a question that Fiona here needs to answer: Why do YOU consider the image of a cartoon monkey on a cereal box to in any way represents a racist display?!

No we cannot, because a monkey being used to sell a chocolate cereal is…like totally…well, it’s sooooo racist, and junk. Except, what to say about this variation?

So now do we start to feel uncomfortably triggered that a brown monkey is used to sell White chocolate cereal?! This can start to lead to a number of problematic grocery lists.

We are sorry, there is no room for your racist facts in this discussion. But – an elected official delving into what is in our breakfast bowls does sound familiar…

You know, maybe we can just start a category for politicians with unhinged cereal hot takes. It feels appropriate for the unhinged madness that is the year 2020.

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