Here’s a good catch from the Daily Caller of Rep. Ilhan Omar admitting that dismantling the criminal justice system is not enough; the United States has to dismantle other systems of oppression as well, one of which sounds a whole lot like a progressive’s weak understanding of capitalism.

And when Omar speaks of dismantling the criminal justice system, she’s speaking of reality; as Twitchy reported, the Minneapolis City Council in June voted unanimously for a “community-led public safety system” to replace the police department.

What, aside from Marxism, do people like Omar consider not to be systems of oppression? (Remember when she sided with Russia and Iran in decrying President Trump’s “coup attempt” in socialist paradise Venezuela?)

Even Joe Biden’s social media handlers have said that if Biden wins, he won’t just rebuild the nation; he’ll transform it.

All of those investigations just seem to vanish after awhile.