We’ve written about Seattle City Councilwoman Kashama Sawant, who’s a full-on socialist and heavily invested in the success of the tiny nation of CHOP: she blamed the first fatal shooting there on President Trump and the second on capitalism and its brutality. She’s also the one who unlocked the doors of city hall at the height of the George Floyd protests to let the protesters take over the building.

That last stunt has her in hot water with Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who isn’t a full-blown socialist but is also heavily invested in CHOP, likening it to a “block party,” albeit one with a body count. Reports are that Durkan has had enough of Sawant and is seeking her possible expulsion from city council:

So the mayor didn’t exactly appreciate Sawant leading a mob of protesters to her home, huh? But Durkan has said CHOP is all about First Amendment expression, even if that form of expression is taking over a police precinct and several city blocks.

That was our thought.

They’re both horrible; it’s just a question of which one is worse.