People are still claiming that the Russians rigged the 2016 election for Donald Trump, but even the least deluded among the Resistance will admit that most of Russia’s interference was in the form of the purchase of Facebook ads showing a horned Hillary Clinton getting ready to box Jesus. (Then again, Jill Stein posited the theory that Russian agents might have infiltrated polling places and reprogrammed voting machines with floppy disks.)

The media eventually got the hint and stopped reporting that the election had been “hacked” and instead turned to the new narrative that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians.

It seems Harry Reid, the guy whose friend knew that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in 10 years, is a true believer in the “hacking” narrative, according to a new book by David Shimer called “Rigged: America, Russia, and One Hundred Years of Covert Electoral Interference.”

Narrator: It’s really not that simple.

CNN is always happy to add “without evidence” to its chyrons about President Trump’s claims.

We told you … Russian agents with floppy disks. That’s how they changed the vote count.

As we said, even the most progressive Hillary supporters slowly stopped using the word “hacked” when talking about the election, because it just wasn’t true.


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