As Twitchy reported Sunday, former NFL quarterback Brett Favre compared Colin Kaepernick to Pat Tillman, saying that “hero status” will be stamped on Kaepernick for taking a knee during the national anthem. TMZ reported on Favre’s comments:

“It’s not easy for a guy his age — black or white, Hispanic, whatever — to stop something that you’ve always dreamed of doing, and put it on hold, maybe forever, for something that you believe in,” Favre said.

“I can only think of right off the top of my head, Pat Tillman is another guy that did something similar,” Favre said. “And, we regard him as a hero. So, I’d assume that hero status will be stamped with Kaepernick as well.”

A day later, though, Favre clarified that he wasn’t comparing the two when he compared the two:

Nike alone seems determined to make sure Kaepernick doesn’t miss any meals, and in return, he convinced the company to pull its Betsy Ross flag shoes from the shelves. Hey, remember when Nike ran that ad about Kaepernick “sacrificing everything”?

“It wasn’t a comparison of the two” is such a flat-out lie it’s embarrassing.


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