As Twitchy reported, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld said “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon looked like he wanted to “dive into a hot tub full of rum and never return” while listening to “White Fragility” author Dr. Robin DiAngelo explain how revolutionary it would be if blacks gave whites feedback on all the microaggressions they were guilty of but probably not aware of. Here’s the segment again:

“White Fragility” is a thing, and John Bolton’s publicists are going to have to work hard to compete with it:

Here, Jesse Singal takes three paragraphs from DiAngelo’s book and paraphrases them for easy digestion:

Yep … it’s like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez noting how fragile the term “white fragility” made white people.

We’re sorry to see people like Fallon give it legs … and even he looked sorry while doing the segment.


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