Here’s the narrative, as it stands now: Black Lives Matters protests and protests in memory of George Floyd are held outdoors and are populated mostly by young people who are less at risk if they contract COVID-19, whereas President Trump’s upcoming rally in Tulsa is being held indoors and will be crowded with old people who are more susceptible to the coronavirus. But … if being outside made you safe from the coronavirus, why was that lawyer dressing like the Grim Reaper and handing out body bags to beachgoers in Florida?

Here are the current news stories you’ll see if you do a Google search for the date of Trump’s rally:

That narrative can be clearly seen in CNN’s chyron, which notes that Trump’s rally will be indoors despite science and dire warnings.

Despite dire warnings from Jim Acosta?

It’s funny that CNN mentions science since public health and disease experts have supported the protests despite the COVID-19 pandemic because “white supremacy is a lethal public health issue” too.

Here’s a good catch from NPR’s website, posted less than 15 minutes apart:

Drew Holden has been keeping track today of the hot takes on Trump’s rally versus the ongoing protests:

The AP? The same folks who think militants annexing several blocks of Seattle is “festive” and has a “carnival-like atmosphere.”

“Rioting is inherently American.”

Laurence Tribe straight-up tells you to “join the peaceful protests” and doesn’t even mention wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, or putting yourself in self-quarantine for two weeks.

We’d been told by reliable sources that those stay-at-home protesters were white supremacists deliberately trying to kill blacks because they knew COVID-19 had a higher fatality rate for African Americans.


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