As Twitchy reported earlier, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan actually thinks it’s pretty cool what’s going on in her city, and the fact that secessionists have taken over several blocks and a police precinct, barricaded themselves in and declared themselves an autonomous zone free from police while guards patrol the border with guns. Asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo about it, she thought it might be a return of the “summer of love.”

President Trump is not impressed:

Durkan told Trump that Seattle is just fine and not to be afraid of “democracy.”

What about that Christian street preacher we were talking about in an earlier post; the one asked if he wants “to die out here” by exercising his right to speak? Seems his free speech isn’t being protected in this fledgling democracy.

Even the people of CHAZ are calling on their comrade from Seattle to resign.

But it’s a “festival-like” atmosphere in there.

She honestly thinks this is just a gathering of hippies exercising their First Amendment rights and sticking it to the man.


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