We say all the time that Seattle (and Portland) has ceded control of the streets to Antifa, and it’s easy to see why after hearing this clip from the city’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, who herself has fond memories of protesting on Capitol Hill, which she says has always been an “autonomous zone.” We’re not sure if it was barricaded, though, a police precinct abandoned to protesters, and had signs saying “Now leaving the USA” taped around the boundary.

Overall, she seems downright charmed that young people are exercising their First Amendment rights by protesting … and taking over a six-block area of the city as their own.

Oh yes, Seattle … known for its peaceful demonstrations. Not too long ago she was tweeting about the violence and destruction perpetrated by white men (more like white kids in black hoodies).

She’ll be glad to know that an armed black man has stepped up to police the autonomous zone, or CHAZ.

Yes, President Trump’s law and order initiatives clash with those of the anarchists in the autonomous zone, who have taken control of a police station and demanded that the Seattle Police Department and justice system be 100 percent defunded.

Gov. Jay Inslee said a day ago he hadn’t even heard that a section of Seattle had been taken over by extremists.

She sounds like she’s ready to “negotiate” with the citizens of CHAZ; maybe she should bring them some of those vegan meat-substitutes and soy-based products they’ve been begging for.

For his part, Inslee is really cracking down:

He forgot the “Orange Man Bad” part: