As Twitchy recently reported, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has a pretty sunny view of the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” that’s been barricaded by extremists in her city; she seems to think they’re just protesting and exercising their First Amendment rights like she did when she was a young progressive. She also doesn’t seem concerned that the protesters have taken control of an abandoned police precinct and have made their fledgling state a no-go zone, or that an armed warlord and his crew have assumed policing duties in lieu of actual police.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy warns those who’ve only been watching right-wing news (meaning Fox News, meaning a lot more people than watch CNN), you’d think there were armed members of Antifa in there when the mayor’s office assures us it’s just peaceful protesters who’ve cordoned off their own state.

All of CNN’s going on the list.

OK, he’s armed, but is he a militant and a member of Antifa? And if so, has the mayor’s office interacted with him? If no, then Darcy’s statement stands.

It wasn’t that long ago that “domestic terrorists” with guns “stormed” the Michigan state capitol if left-wing media can be trusted.

Julio Rosas of Twitchy sister-site Townhall is literally on the ground there, not on the phone with the mayor’s office:

Be sure to follow Darcy’s feed (if he hasn’t blocked you) for all the latest press releases from the Democratic mayor’s office.

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So Darcy’s source is the mayor’s office, right? This mayor?

Lady, they chased the police away by threatening to burn down their precinct.

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Bonus — CNN did send a reporter, and it didn’t go well:


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