As Twitchy reported Wednesday, the free people barricaded inside Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” had sent out a plea for vegan and soy-based food after the homeless ate everything they had.

It looks like the anarchists and Antifa members are in for the long haul, as they’ve started farming inside the autonomous zone.

What’s so tough about farming anyway? As Michael Bloomberg said, you stick a seed in the dirt and up comes the corn, right?

This circus might last a month considering the responses from Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee.

Here’s a great thread about their chances of success:

Our guess is the CHAZ warlord with the guns will be the one person who gets fed.

They already drafted their list of demands from Seattle. They want free public housing because housing is a right, so you’d have thought they’d have added free food since food is a right.


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