We really hate to dedicate another post to the New York Times, but the “Send in the Troops” op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton that has compelled another round of mass subscription cancellations and caused employees to call in sick to protest the paper that used their work for evil purposes is the talk of the media. How did such an op-ed make it into print?

On Wednesday night, editorial page editor James Bennet tweeted that it was the job of the paper to present different opinions. But on Thursday, a spokesperson for the Times said it was a “rushed editorial process” and the op-ed “did not meet our standards.”

But wait … now the Times is reporting that Bennet didn’t read Cotton’s op-ed before it went to print.

For what it’s worth, Cotton isn’t apologizing for calling for “a military invasion of urban America.”

But, again, it’s cool that the Taliban could publish an op-ed saying it just wants peace:

Like we said Wednesday night, quite a few conservatives said they weren’t on board with Cotton, but the backlash has just been ridiculous. The New York Times is the liberal’s Bible, and Cotton’s words were sacrilege.

Bonus: Cotton got in some solid trolling Thursday evening:


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