Kurt Schlichter of Twitchy sister-site Townhall lives in California and although he’s weighing in on a video of National Guardsmen kneeling in front of George Floyd protesters, they certainly weren’t the only ones; a quick search finds Guardsmen (and police officers) taking a knee in Philadelphia, Omaha, Minneapolis, Queens, Coral Gables, and other cities. Here’s how it went down in Hollywood:

Here’s actor Nick Searcy:

And here’s James Woods, calling it a dangerous precedent:

What do you think? A good way to defuse a tense situation or a show of weakness?

Believe it or not, the mayor of Fremont chose not to kneel with the protesters for the same reason:

A few people are saying the whole thing was staged with actors in uniform, but that wouldn’t explain all of the other incidents of Guardsmen and law enforcement taking a knee across the country.

Remember how triggered and “deeply disturbed” some people were by this photo of the Lincoln Memorial under guard from vandals? Looks like an impressive show of force to us.

We thought the videos of cities in flames and cops being dragged through the streets were deeply disturbing.

So? We’re still not sure what to think, although an important distinction the press seems to be overlooking is the peaceful protesters who assemble during the day and the looters and arsonists and Antifa clowns who do their thing at night. Never kneel before them.