As Twitchy reported earlier, Reza Aslan, who used to have his own show on CNN, agreed with the theory that it was white supremacists from out of state who were doing all the burning and looting in Minneapolis, and since all white supremacists are Trump supporters, it followed that Trump supporters were the ones doing all the burning and looting.

While Joy Reid confirmed with documentation that it was white supremacists behind all the violence, it seems odd to a few out there that white supremacist Trump supporters would be causing trouble outside the White House and even at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

White supremacist Trump supporters are even being arrested at Trump Tower. And if the cops are also white supremacist Trump supporters, why are they arresting anyone?

The mayor of Minneapolis suspected “foreign actors” might be among those doing the looting and burning, so maybe President Trump got on the line with Putin and told him to send some Russians to the protests.

Hopefully, the agents of Antifa will show up and punch some Nazis, but we’re not sure from news reports if Antifa has come anywhere near these protests.


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