OK, let’s talk about masks a bit. In a game of slow-pitch softball with CNN’s Dana Bash Tuesday, Joe Biden declared that wearing a coronavirus mask is neither a sign of strength or weakness, but a sign of leadership — giving someone on his social media team the idea that they’d better change Biden’s social media avatars to a picture of him wearing a mask and aviators. Biden said President Trump was a fool for not wearing one and dismissed his “macho” attitude that compelled him not to wear a mask.

Now Gov. Andrew Cuomo, recently pictured wearing a mask but with his nose fully uncovered, declared on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday that masks are “cool.”

The New York Post reports:

Cuomo suggested that, if he could, he would take the trendiest step possible by issuing a government proclamation on the matter.

“If I could sign an executive order that says, ‘Wearing a mask is officially cool,’” said Cuomo, trailing off before finishing the thought.

“New Yorkers want to reinforce it for other New Yorkers: This is cool,” Cuomo continued to gush. “You want to encourage people to do this.”

Also weighing in on the mask “controversy” Wednesday was North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, who maintains that a mask signifies “strength and compassion.”

Coming from a pediatrician:

Buck Sexton is right: The face mask is like the Left’s MAGA hat in 2020:

Here you go; bet Cuomo would say this mask is cool:

Serious question: At what point in the future will it be “OK” to leave your house without a mask? Who’s going to lead then when they’re deemed no longer necessary?


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