We all know that President Trump takes all of the blame for the nation’s nearly 100,000 coronavirus deaths while New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is universally praised, even though his state has contributed a quarter of those fatalities. It took until May for Cuomo to finally order New York City’s subways to be disinfected every night, but his mind is still on trains.

Though they’ve butted heads now and then, Cuomo says he had a “good conversation” with the president while asking for federal funds to “supercharge” New York State’s economy by building two new train tunnels that will carry rail traffic including Amtrak (which should excite Amtrak fan Joe Biden). We guess now that New York’s ventilator crisis is over, it’s time to get back to those shovel-ready jobs — although we can’t help but be reminded of California’s high-speed bullet train to nowhere that never got built.

So small businesses are screwed then?

We weren’t predicting a ratio for this thread, but thankfully the Resistor Sister stepped up and showed Cuomo wearing a mask:

It’s those giant nostrils that inspired Chris Cuomo to do his prop-comedy bit with the giant cotton swab.

What are the chances either of those two tunnels ever get built? “Supercharge” the economy … right.


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