Joe Biden took some ribbing for emerging from his crypt and sporting a black mask while visiting a war memorial in Delaware Monday, and on Tuesday, he assured CNN’s Dana Bash that his wearing a mask was a show of neither strength or weakness but leadership — even though he wasn’t wearing a mask at the time he said that.

But as Twitchy reported, like so many others, Biden has updated his Twitter profile photo, and there he is in his aviators and a black face mask.

To be honest, Monday’s photos were better, as the mask was properly fitted on his face and under his glasses. And why the glasses anyway?

Anyway, Biden’s reminding people a lot of someone else in his mask. Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe maybe?

They wouldn’t have done it if they didn’t think it would affect Biden’s chances at election.

At least Biden is taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously … by changing his avatar. Is President Trump man enough to follow suit?