The same mainstream media that shows no interest in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic (and would rather resort to prop comedy than ask him about killing grandma) also shows a keen interest in mostly southern states like Texas, Georgia, and Florida, which have been among the first to relax their lockdowns and allow barbershops and beaches to reopen.

Not that the media would wish a COVID-19 outbreak on anyone, but if those numbers shot up in those southern states, it certainly would help them sustain the narrative that the nation needs to stay locked down.

Now, a new analysis — being reviewed by the White House’s coronavirus task force itself — says that those southern states that relaxed social distancing guidelines could face a COVID-19 resurgence … in several weeks.

We’ve already had blue checks like Ron Fournier claim that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp would have blood on his hands two or three weeks after the state reopened, and when a spike in cases didn’t materialize, Fournier extended his deadline for doom to another three weeks. “Just wait two weeks” is the rallying cry of those who’d keep every state locked down until there’s a vaccine.


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