Much to the astonishment of “skeptics,” Florida and Georgia haven’t turned into apocalyptic corona hell-scapes:

Here’s the new map from Axios (blue is good, brown is frown):


At some point these NYC-DC-based journos will realize that corona is not the same everywhere?

“What happened to all that blood on Brian Kemp’s hands?”:

Case in point, here’s blue-check former journo Ron Fournier (Michigan based, not NYC-DC) who three weeks ago said that very thing:

Care to correct, Ron?

Nah. Instead of correcting, he asked for three more weeks:

Can’t they just admit they were wrong?

We’ll point it out again that these Florida critics were shouting “close the beaches!” at the same time. Gov. Andrew Cuomo was ordering COVID-19+ patients back into nursing homes and Mayor Bill de Blasio was content to not clean the subways at night:

More from J.D. Vance:




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