You might recall at the end of April when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio himself went to a Jewish funeral gathering for a rabbi to make sure everyone dispersed, and then he tweeted a special message “to the Jewish community, and all communities”: the time for warnings has passed. De Blasio then backtracked a bit after the backlash for singling out the Jewish community and said his remarks and actions were just an example of “tough love.”

On Monday, De Blasio tweeted again, this time about having the New York Police Department shut down an Orthodox Jewish school that was holding classes.

He certainly does like to shame the Jews on Twitter, even though all New Yorkers seem to be getting tired of obeying his lockdown and social distancing orders. And we’re old enough to remember when you were racist if you didn’t “patron” Chinese restaurants and party in Chinatown for Lunar New Year.


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