Mayor Bill de Blasio is promising a crackdown after hundreds refused to social distance this weekend in New York City’s Upper East Side neighborhood:

The NYPD arrested a Brooklyn mother in front of her kid last week for less:

Can we finally dispel with the fiction that New York and New York City are managing this pandemic well?

“Bourbon Street vibes”:

And check out the hero on the bottom left. This will be all of us (or, at least THIS editor) when cities start opening up:

We can’t wait to see how the national media spins this as a Florida story:

Cops are on the street today, however:

And they’re driving around while giving a warning over a loudspeaker:

But it’s not just NYC that’s had it with the lockdown. From Washington, DC:

The lockdowns are effectively over:

Virginia, too:

But in Maryland, where things are starting to open up, there’s this:

This is the future?

No thanks.