New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is — rightly — under fire for singling out the city’s Jewish community in a series of tweets threatening police action against those who gather in large groups. Like for Chasidic Jewish funerals.

After having more time to carefully consider his remarks, Bill de Blasio has realized that what he said was awful, and he’s very sorry.

We kid, of course:


“I spoke last night out of passion,” the mayor said of his Twitter comments about the incident. “I could not believe my eyes, it was deeply deeply distressing.”

“I regret if the way I said it in any way gave people the feeling that they were being treated the wrong way.

“It was said with love, but it was tough love,” de Blasio said, asserting that “Members of the Jewish community were putting each other in danger and putting our police officers in danger.”

Watch (starts around the 1:20 mark):

But let him be clear: New York City’s Jewish community has no more faithful ally than Bill de Blasio. He just needs them to stop doing their Jewy things.

This effing guy.

Jews have been the preferred scapegoats for millennia … why stop now?