As Twitchy has reported, journalists were accusing Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp of conducting an “experiment in human sacrifice” by partially reopening the state to business. Blue-checks like Ron Fournier tweeted something about Kemp having blood on his hands and telling people to mark his tweet because in two or three weeks there’d be a huge spike in coronavirus deaths. That spike didn’t happen, and when called out, he said to wait another three weeks and check back.

Texas has been open for two weeks now, and CNN’s John King reports that coronavirus cases and deaths have hit a record high.

Here’s Sean Trende from Real Clear Politics with a damning thread about CNN’s reporting:

And here’s Nate Silver:

Seriously — we hate to ask, but how many journalists are hoping the number of cases go up in states that have the temerity to partially reopen? Salivating over that two-week spike is just reprehensible.